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3 Reasons To Get a Hearing Test – ENT Specialist Pennsylvania


Ear Nose Throat Specialists, PC -  - TMJ - Dr. Goldberg - Reasons To Get a Hearing Test - ENT Specialist Pennsylvania -

Are you having trouble hearing? Does your family or neighbors get angry with the television is too loud? Are you intently staring at a person month to be able to see what they are saying? You may think this is an older person’s problem, but younger people have perfect hearing. Did you know that one in eight people experience hearing loss as young as 12? While it is a fact that people over 55 have the highest percentage of hearing loss, anyone can be affected.

Dr. Joshua Goldberg is an experienced ear, nose, and throat specialist in the Willow Grove, Pennsylvania area. They can diagnose and treat your symptoms if you are enduring hearing problems. What are the top four reasons one may be experiencing hearing loss?

Underlying Conditions

You might ignore the signs when you experience a sudden decrease in your hearing ability. This could be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition. When you visit an ear, nose, and throat specialist, such as Dr. Goldberg, they can determine what is happening with your hearing. Certain diseases or injuries can cause temporary or permanent damage to your hearing.

Undiagnosed or unmanaged diabetes.
Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in one or both of your ears.
Certain viruses can cause hearing loss.
Trauma to the head or ear drum.
A sudden or prolonged loud noise.

It is essential to understand what is causing your hearing loss. This will determine the next steps by your ear, nose, and throat specialist. Go here if you need relief from ringing or buzzing in your ear.

Prevent Further Damage

When you begin seeing a problem with your ears, it is important to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist immediately. You may not even know there is a problem. Your family and friends could point this out. Please don’t ignore them. The sooner you see an ear, nose, and throat specialist, the sooner you can fix the problem. If you wait too long, further damage may occur.

Make an appointment with Dr. Goldberg right away. He has an excellent track record. He can figure out what is going on with your hearing quickly and painlessly.

Mental Health

Hearing loss can have dire consequences for your mental health. When you begin losing your hearing, you might think it is all in your head. Most of the time, there is a specific reason why one would be losing their hearing. A hearing test from an ear, nose, and throat specialist is vital to determine the cause. The toll that your mental health takes includes but is not limited to the following:

You may become anxious because of phone calls, not hearing alarms or work meetings.
You could have bouts of depression.
You could feel lonely or misunderstood because you cannot hear the conversations.
Your brain could become less active because it is not getting the required stimulation.
A person may treat you differently because of the misconception that deaf people are slow.

Call Dr. Goldburg’s office at (215) 659-8805 or visit their website to make an appointment immediately. Hearing loss can be a strange and scary experience. You can receive treatment from a professional ear, nose, and throat specialist. Don’t delay! Make that call today.

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