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We have been using Oral Allergy Vaccine Drops with great success for many years. Instead of delivering the allergens to the immune system by injections under the skin, every morning, you place 5 drops of the vaccine under your tongue for 2 minutes and spit it out. In that time the allergens are picked up by special cells, called Langerhans Cells, in the mouth and delivered to the immune system. It is SAFER than the injections and is done at home. Now a physician at Cornell Med School has gone a step further and perfected a technique of administering the oral allergy vaccine in a toothpaste form (see below). You just brush your teeth twice a day as you normally do, with toothpaste containing allergy vaccine, based on your allergy skin test results. Langerhans cells pick up the allergens in the 2 minutes the toothpaste is in your mouth cavity.
Health Insurance companies do not yet cover the oral drops or the toothpaste. Our billing staff will be happy to help you compare the cost of oral drops / toothpaste vs. your share of cost of injection treatment. The main advantages being no weekly trips to the allergy clinic and no shots.
Here are some news snippets that cover the Allergy Toothpaste Vaccine, that the inventor of the method likes to call OMIT (Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy):
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