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Finding a Doctor for Snoring Treatment | ENTFPSS


Ear Nose Throat Specialists, PC -  - doctor for snoring treatment - Dr. Goldberg - Finding a Doctor for Snoring Treatment | ENTFPSS -

It’s no secret that snoring can interfere with your ability to get a restful night’s sleep – not to mention, it can be very frustrating for your partner. Aside from simply being irritating, though, snoring can actually be indicative of a more serious underlying health issue. With a variety of at-home “remedies” available, many patients who suffer from persistent snoring wonder: Do I really need to see a doctor for snoring treatment, or can I manage snoring on my own?

Because heavy snoring can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea – a potentially life-threatening condition – it’s very important to see a doctor rather than trying to treat snoring on your own. At Ear Nose Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Specialists, our experienced otolaryngologists are committed to helping patients find a personalized solution for snoring using advanced treatment modalities. To schedule an appointment with our snoring specialist, Dr. Joshua Goldberg, call us at 215-659-8805.

Doctor for Snoring Treatment: Why a Personalized Approach Is Key

When it comes to treating snoring and sleep apnea, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. In order to be effective, a patient’s snoring treatment plan must be individualized based on their concerns, their health history and what is causing their snoring.

At Dr. Goldberg’s office, we understand the crucial importance of taking each patient’s unique needs into account in order to provide a true solution for their snoring difficulties. Our practice offers a broad range of cutting-edge, non-invasive treatments for snoring and sleep apnea, including:

  • Oral Appliance Therapy
  • Elevo Palatal Implants
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
  • AirLift™ Sleep Apnea Treatment
  • Injection Snoreplasty
  • Laser Nasal Therapy

In order to recommend the best course of treatment for you, our professionals will listen carefully as you describe your concerns. For cases in which pathology is needed, our practice offers onsite testing and ultrasound-guided biopsies, typically with same-day results. We may also conduct a sleep study to evaluate your snoring and sleep apnea. Committed to patient comfort and results, we offer a take-home sleep study so you can feel most at ease taking this test.

Concerned About Snoring or Sleep Apnea? Trust Our Staff to Help

If you’re ready to find a safe & effective long-term snoring solution that is tailored to your needs, it’s time to see a doctor for snoring treatment at Ear Nose Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Specialists. Based in Willow Grove, we are proud to be the patient-preferred snoring center serving the Greater Philadelphia area. To arrange an appointment to discuss your snoring treatment options with a compassionate expert, reach out to us today at 215-659-8805.

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