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Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery


Ear Nose Throat Specialists, PC -  - earlobe reconstruction surgery - Dr. Goldberg - Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery - When our clients are displeased with the look or shape of their earlobes due to many years of wearing heavy earrings or gauges, we offer options for reconstructing damaged earlobes. Thanks to simple surgical and non-surgical procedures, our experts can restore the shape of your earlobes and have you loving your facial profile once again.

How Does Earlobe Damage Occur

Typically, there are three main ways that the earlobe can become misshapen, stretched or damaged:

  • Earrings. Wearing heavy, chandelier-type earrings can stretch the earlobe over the years and cause it to sag even if you aren’t currently wearing heavy earrings. To prevent this stretching, one can opt for lighter earrings or studs and save the heavy earrings for very special occasions.
  • Gauging. The practice known as gauging involves intentionally stretching a piercing little by little until you’ve reached the desired size.
  • Trauma. Earlobes can be torn straight through if a child or another person accidentally pulls a hoop earring or other type of earring and rips the earlobe. Avoiding hoop earrings on crowded dance floors or around children is a good step toward preventing this trauma.

Treatment for Torn or Stretched Earlobes

Thankfully, our doctors can undo the damage done to earlobes by heavy earrings or ripped earrings with minor procedures to repair the tissue and reshape the earlobe. There are two options:

Surgical. In a procedure that takes about one hour, one of our doctors will apply local anesthetic, remove excess tissue and then suture the earlobe to a smaller, fuller shape.

Non-surgical. If the damage is small enough, our doctors may recommend fillers to add volume to and reshape the lobe. This will firm up the skin and restore a youthful shape to your ears.

Schedule a Consultation with ENTFPSS for Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your earlobe, or have suffered earlobe trauma, schedule a consultation with one of our experts and we’ll determine the best treatment for you. The key to our practice is our individualized treatment and custom solutions for our patients, so that every person feels thoroughly cared for. Reach out to let us know how we can help.

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