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PolypVac is a highly effective treatment for nasal polyps that is far more convenient and less expensive than traditional sinus surgery. Rather than going to the operating room, PolypVac can remove nasal polyps in the office setting without general anesthesia.

PolypVac offers instant relief and can improve patients’ lives quickly and dramatically. Dr. Joshua E. Goldberg offers PolypVac and can evaluate your condition to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Call 215-659-8805 today to schedule an appointment.

What Are Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps are a common condition that affects up to 4 percent of the American population. They are soft, blister-like, non-cancerous growths that develop on the mucosal lining inside the nose.

Nasal polyps are generally small but can grow large enough to block the nasal cavity. This can cause a person to become more susceptible to sinusitis, or a sinus infection.

There are several treatments available for nasal polyps including PolypVac, surgery, and steroid treatments. Dr. Goldberg is board certified in otorhinolaryngology and facial plastic surgery; he can evaluate your condition to determine the best treatment approach. In certain cases, nasal polyps can be managed medically (without surgery) using oral or topical steroids, which are either sprayed or washed into the nose.

PolypVac is one of Dr. Goldberg’s most frequently used treatments for nasal polyps because it is a simple and highly effective procedure for both small and large polyps, and it does not require general anesthesia. PolypVac has numerous advantages over traditional sinus surgery including shorter recovery time and much less follow-up care.

Dr. Goldberg has streamlined the entire patient experience to eliminate unnecessary costs and appointments. Our clinic also offers immunotherapy treatment for allergies including self-administered allergy drops, which has become a very popular treatment for our allergy patients.

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Nasal polyps can be incredibly uncomfortable and increase your risk of a sinus infection. To learn more about PolypVac and other treatments offered at ENTFPSS, call us today at 215-659-8805 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Goldberg.