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Treating Sleep Disorders With New Discoveries


Ear Nose Throat Specialists, PC -  -  - Dr. Goldberg - Treating Sleep Disorders With New Discoveries -

For countless people across the country, dealing with neurological sleep disorders becomes a common part of life. As they lose countless hours of sleep to conditions like insomnia, fall asleep at the worst times with narcolepsy, and more complex disorders that require multiple specialties to treat effectively, it can seem like an impossible hill to climb to get a good night’s sleep. However, recent developments in the treatment of sleep disorders can give these people a newfound sense of hope they may have lacked. 

Common sleep disorders have a way of affecting the quality of life for countless people, where the interruptions in their sleep patterns cause a significant downturn in their sleep quality and mental health. However, ENT doctors for children and adults are constantly working towards developing a wide range of treatments that can give patients a path towards the good sleep patterns that have eluded them. 

Treating Insomnia With New Developments 

People with insomnia tend to deal with long sleepless nights where they toss and turn before getting the bare minimum amount of sleep. Studies have shown the link between getting enough sleep and the body’s ability to recover from the rigors of the day. While some common “remedies” usually revolve around fixing sleep habits — getting to sleep at an earlier time or avoiding looking at your electronic devices right before bed — new medications are hitting the market that can help!

The new medication lemborexant (more commonly known as Dayvigo) can prove a valuable tool in their fight against insomnia. This particular medication targets the body’s orexin system, whose neurons govern and regulate your sleep and wake cycles and can potentially have a link to your ongoing sleep problems.  

Narcolepsy Treatments

While insomnia prevents people from getting a good night’s sleep, narcolepsy attacks from the opposite end of the spectrum. People suffering from this sleep disorder often have problems staying awake for extended periods. It’s currently a condition without a cure; however, with new medications and specific lifestyle changes, people have a better shot at managing narcolepsy and living a more normal life. 

Narcolepsy treatments have gotten more in-depth in recent years with the ability to measure cerebrospinal fluid hypocretin more accurately to help make the official diagnosis. As new therapies hit the market designed to regulate the chemicals involved in sleep and medications that help with feeling more awake during the daytime, such as pitolisant and solriamfetol, patients have a better shot at managing their narcolepsy. 

New Medical Groups Helping to Study These Conditions

The best way to develop new treatments for these increasingly common sleep disorders is to continue to study what makes them tick. With the formation of two such organizations — the International Association of Circadian Clinics and the International RBD Study Group — research continues to help better understand the wide range of sleep disorders affecting people. 

With more research being conducted on various circadian rhythms and other sleep disorders, finding new and hopefully more effective treatment options will help patients in the long run. Whether they are medicinal chemical treatments, overhauled sleep habits, or something we haven’t considered yet, developing these new strategies will help people find ways to have a better night’s sleep. 

How Dr. Goldberg Can Help Your Treatment

Finding a doctor that has the experience you need to treat your ongoing sleep issues is something patients need to research. In the greater Philadelphia area, Dr. Goldberg has an established reputation for dealing with a wide range of sleep disorders — including state-of-the-art sleep apnea treatment — and helping his patients find a better balance with their sleep routine. 

Regularly learning new treatments to refine his approach, Dr. Goldberg aims to help whoever comes through his doors find their path towards a good night’s sleep. Contact our office to schedule your first appointment today!

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