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When to See an ENT for Vertigo – Philadelphia, PA


Ear Nose Throat Specialists, PC -  - Migrain - Dr. Goldberg - When to See an ENT for Vertigo - Philadelphia, PA -

Are you having unexplained medical issues? Have you heard of vertigo but are not sure what it is? Do you have questions about vertigo and when you should see an ENT? Vertigo is a symptom that might be a sign of something more serious. Typically, it is the feeling of dizziness or losing balance. More severely, you may experience nausea or cannot stop vomiting. It can feel like the room is spinning and you have no control over the movement. Vertigo treatment varies depending on the outlining causes of the symptoms. You can feel scared or unsure of yourself if this begins to happen. An ENT can help you determine what is the cause of your vertigo symptoms. We will discuss some of the causes and various vertigo treatments.

Dr. Joshua E. Goldberg, in Willow Grove, PA, is an experienced ear, nose, and throat doctor. He is board certified in otorhinolaryngology facial plastic surgery, head and neck surgery/robotic surgery, and facial plastic surgery. With years of experience, he can treat or recommend treatment for your vertigo symptoms.

Causes of Vertigo

There are two main types of vertigo. These are peripheral vertigo and central vertigo. Central vertigo is a neurology problem that you would need to see a neurologist for. Peripheral vertigo is a balance problem in the vestibular labyrinth which is in your inner ear. This is what you would see an ENT for.

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing peripheral vertigo. Certain diseases and disorders can cause peripheral vertigo. These include Ménière’s disease, labyrinthitis, or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). BPPV is the most common reason that one may experience vertigo. A mild blow to your head or other damage may occur to your inner ear. Other reasons you may be experiencing peripheral vertigo are medication, inflammation, or pressure on your nerves.

Vertigo Treatment

There are times when rest and relaxation can alleviate the symptoms. If you are having a bout of dizziness or nausea, lay down in a quiet, dark room. Stressful situations can heighten vertigo symptoms. If vertigo lasts more than three days, it is time to make an appointment with your general practitioner or ENT. Some insurance requires you to get a referral before seeing a specialist.

Vertigo treatment is dependent on the underlying cause. BPPV may clear up on its own after several weeks. If you have particles in your ear canal, this could be causing your symptoms. After a while, the particles can move or dislodge which will end vertigo. If you have an inflammation or an infection, the doctor may prescribe pharmaceuticals.

Epley maneuver or Brandt-Daroff exercises may help relieve your vertigo. Your doctor or ENT may perform or teach you to complete these movements. The Epley maneuver is typically performed first unless you have neck or back problems.

Call (215) 659-8805 to make an appointment with Dr. Joshua E. Goldberg to examine your vertigo. You can also go to his clinic’s website to see what kind of treatments they provide along with testimonials. Don’t let vertigo get you down. Set up an appointment today!

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